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BCCT Morning Briefing: Commercial Drones in Agriculture
1. More to Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qasEa1sS8w 2. Link to presentation file http://members.bccthai.com/BCCT/asp/reports.asp?SponsorID=0&DocCatID=48&OrderBy=DocDt&Available=All

BCCT Multi-Chambers Boardroom Briefing: IP Changes in Thai Computer Crime Act
More for presentations here http://members.bccthai.com/bcct/asp/reports.asp?MenuCatID=8&MenuItemID=11&SponsorID=0

BCCT Multi-Chambers Lunch: Thailand MICE, Where Are We Today and Moving Forward
More for presentation, please click http://members.bccthai.com/asp/view_doc.asp?DocCID=3236