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Aeropair Ltd

Aeropair Ltd
Address: 5 Neil Street,
City: Renfrew
Post Code: PA4 8TA
Country: United Kingdom
Phone Number: +44 7771812013
Fax Number: +44 1418867006
General Email: [members only]
URL: www.aeropair.co.uk
Business Activity:Aviation & Aircraft Interiors
Business Activity:Aircraft Interiors and Components & Textiles
Business Activity:Aviation Products and maintenance services
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22 year old UK Aircraft Interior Manufacture and repair with EASA PART21G & PART145 with facilities in Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, China and India
Products or Services
Aircraft Interior production and repair including all seats, sidewalls, Galley and lavatory parts
Fuchi Thailand and Epsilon India
100% Stephen Finday
Senior Management
Stephen Findlay jnr Operations Manager
Robert Macklin, Production
Jim Gardner, Quality
Board of Directors
Stephen Findlay
Agnes Findlay
Bank of Scotland, Glasgow UK
Financial Details
Current T/O 1.7M, GBP
BCCT Member Company since 2019
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